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Hello, my name is Jim Carter, and I am the founder of JFK Photography. Nearly 40 years ago, my wife and I planted our roots, raised two wonderful children, and have proudly called Ringwood our home.

My journey started at 17 where I followed the footsteps of my family before me and cut my teeth in the printing business. This heritage instilled in me a strong work ethic and a meticulous attention to detail. At the age of 20, I acquired my first camera, a Canon AE1 film camera, marking the beginning of my passion for photography. Over time, this passion seamlessly merged with my expertise in printing, setting the stage for my entrepreneurial endeavors in the photography industry.

Twenty years ago, I founded JFK Photography, building upon the foundation of my printing company, JFK Printing, which I established 30 years ago. This unique combination of skills has equipped me with the creativity and technical precision necessary to excel in the dynamic world of high-volume photography.

My photography company started with capturing the exhilarating moments of fast-paced action sports, where every second counted. This experience honed my ability to seize once-in-a-lifetime shots under pressure. As I transitioned into high-volume youth sports photography, I applied the same agility and precision to deliver exceptional results efficiently.

Today, I am setting a new standard in high-volume school photography. At JFK Photography, I bring together decades of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for capturing the essence of every moment. Whether it's the thrill of sports, the warmth of family portraits, or the milestones of academic achievement, let me be the one to preserve your cherished memories.

Choose JFK Photography, where your once-in-a-lifetime moments are captured with expertise, dedication, and a touch of artistry.

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